Friday, 11 March 2011

Artis - Ephie Kay

Based in Nottingham, Ephie Kay offers mural and painting / portrait work commissions. 
Formed in 2010 the artist has 17 years of experience in commission art work with strong portfolio of work; offers great rates and long lasting results, in any medium and scale. 
The business offers a range of art works, for example murals (paintings on the wall), work commissions to individuals, which can be designed to suit any budget at all times. 
"Dux Series Jester" original by Ephie kay
Using studio or mobile service, the business also helping interior designers / customers to choose the artwork and has a say for the final product.
The business supplies unusual designs combined with art, featuring a choice of colours and patterns. 
Tailored to requirements, the products are appropriate for private residences and any public place and can rendered in any scale.
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