Friday, 25 March 2011

Artists - Paul Chambers

Since the age of five I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Before I retired in 2007, I worked as a computer systems programmer / graphic designer for a  company providing identification solutions to the apparel industry (labels to you and me).
"AN ORIGINAL ARTWORK" Painted with acrylics onto box canvas unframed
Since then I have been creating abstract and impressionistic artworks mainly for sale on-line. My studio is called "art4now" because that's what my artwork is  - its art for today at a sensible price so that it can be replaced regularly. Most of my paintings are in acrylic paint on canvas, and sometimes I add marble dust paste, paper, fabric, or anything else that comes to hand to give the work texture. 

"AN ORIGINAL ARTWORK" Painted with acrylics onto box canvas
Generally my abstract paintings have no titles. I just number them instead. Over the years my work has found its way into hotels, restaurants, receptions, show homes, as well as private homes in several European countries, America and Australia. Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork and you can see more of my work at

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