Sunday, 13 March 2011

Artist - Jill Tilsbury

Hi! I'm Jill, although most people call me Jilly - except when I'm in trouble - then it's Jillian!
I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.
"Nicci" original oil on canvas by Jill Tilsbury
My earliest memory of painting is quite a special one. It was my first day at school and my Dad had taken me as he was recovering from knee surgery and the walk was good exercise.
As we walked he was telling me that I would love school, meet new friends and learn new things; I'm not sure whether he was trying to give me comfort or himself.
We passed so many crying youngsters and distraught parents, when we got to the classroom I spied a table set out with paints, paper, brushes and water. I sat right down and started to paint and my Dad went home in tears. We both smile when we remember that day and 40 years on I'm still painting!
"Henry in his Basket" original pastels by Jill Tilsbury
I love painting any sort of animal although my favourite woud be the cat family from domestic to wild. My goal is realism and I love the challenge of recreating the detail.
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