Thursday, 10 March 2011

Artist - Garth Bayley

I love to work loosely and with bright colours drawing from life and keeping the sense of place or person while drawing on abstract ideas. I love the addition of man made objects in a landscape and this is starting to be a theme after moving to North West Cambridgeshire, gaining inspiration from long walks and drives (Road Trip series). I work with snapshots often incorporating different views to give the feel of the landscape.
"Road Trip 1 Elemental" oil on box canvas by Garth Bayley
My other passion is the use of the human form especially the male physique and the use of lighting and movement. I often get my ideas from press cuttings for plays and the theatre. I like to capture the essence of movement often without giving exact form but rather an impression of the figures. Often the dilemma is when to stop painting and not over paint the details.
"Grey Day at Maldon" original oil on canvas by Garth Bayley
I have exhibited in London, Manchester Cambridgeshire and South Africa.

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