Saturday, 26 March 2011

Artists - Elena Kourenkova

I am a Russian-born artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, since 1996. I am self-taught, although I had studied arts as part of my degree as an architect. All my subjects are loosely based on own experiences and observation of life-and are therefore recognasable, which often provokes a smile or a laugh (much desired effect). 
"Window Shopping" Original Oil on canvas
I try to reflect everyday events in a diffrent, lighter way; my subjects (although at times seemingly emotionally isolated, even when they are clustered in groups) do not take themselves too seriously, they just go about their business as if no-one is looking. 
"All Types & Conditions of Men" Original Oil on canvas
I have been painting professionally since 1999 and am represented by many established galleries throughout UK. There had been a number of articles concerning my work in national and local press and images had appeared in C4' Grand Designs.

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