Sunday, 6 March 2011

Exhibiting Artist - Paul Seymour

Paul Seymour's interest in photographic art came about as a by-product of his job as a Web designer, because he would photograph own web site content.   This developed in to is considered, by many people, as a unique style.  

"I love the use of saturated colour and heavy contrast which is probably why I was drawn to the specialist technique of HDR. HDR done badly is awfull - HDR done correctly is superb". 
"Retired" and original HDR artwork by Paul Seymour
Paul uses this special technique plus a variety of other processing and production methods together to create what is regarded as a superb method with which to draw out the true feel and ambience of a scene.  

"Each image I produce, I like to think, exudes atmosphere, mood, ambience - call it what you will - they are certainly unique in every sense".  
"Chapleton" an original HDR artwork by Paul Seymour
Paul is currently in negotiations with a handful of galleries from as far afield as London, Bristol, Glasgow and the South West to exhibit his works. "I am very proud of this!".

To visit Paul Seymour's art on our website >> Click Here <<

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