Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Artist - Ben Yate

I originally trained as an engineer and then went to drama school, all the while experimenting with different forms of art including painting, digital photo-editing, paper art and sculpture involving electronics. Whilst I was touring Europe with a theatre company, I developed my interest and skills in photography, and spent the following few years thinking about a new way to market my shots.
"A LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK"  Digital Prints on mixed media
In 2005 ‘Photo-Cubism’ is what I came up with – a technique of mounting each picture 3-dimensionally giving each piece a uniqueness otherwise lacking in the medium.  Each extruded picture becomes an abstract colour study, or an optical illusion, changing appearance as the viewer walks around or towards it. The grid pattern formed by the blocks draws the eye around the construction of the piece, engaging the viewer in an exploration of the subject.
"A LIMITED EDITION ARTWORK"  Digital Prints on pine blocks
I aim to challenge the art of photography and meld it with different media and art-forms. My work is modern and intricate, yet simple, vibrant and fun.
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